Legend Star Union

Founded by Legend Star in September 2011, Legend Star Union (LSU) is a public welfare community committed to upgrading members’ capabilities, sharing resources, incubating startups and advancing mutual benefits, and counts as its members graduated from CEO Training Program and CEOs at Legend Star investees.
Under the leadership of its Council consisting of Legend Star President/Managing Partner Mr. Wang Mingyao, Honorary President Mr. Liu Chuanzhi and founding members from Legend Star and Star Friends. LSU offers CEO Training Program, runs a network of industry clubs and its regional chapters, organizes various professional events and commands a member base of more than 1,200 firms.
Being true to its original aspiration of reforging founders into entrepreneurs, LSU has accomplished various high-profile pro-business feats, including WILL Conference, Star Friends Carnival, Entrepreneurship Journey to Gobi, Industry Club, Star Community, Star Forum, Star Director Board and VC/PE Fund for Star Members, succeeded in facilitating cooperation and joint ventures by pairing up thousands of its members and matching resources from different parties, including governments, industries/sectors, VC funds and professional institutions, and held more than 400 startup-focused events, expanding its audience to more than 20,000 beneficiaries and standing out as the leader among business ecosystems in entrepreneurship, cohesion, growth capacity and influence in the country.
As of the end of 2022, 51 member firms launched Chinese or overseas IPOs, over 380 member firms had a valuation of more than USD100 million, and Star Friends combined raised more than RMB340 billion, had an enterprise value over RMB1,400 billion and created more than 300,000 jobs.