Building on the rich faculty and teaching resources from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Legend Holdings, the training program was inaugurated in 2008 in Beijing and managed to train more than 1,100 talented entrepreneurs out of 15,524 applicants over the past decade. To uphold corporate innovation and entrepreneurship and empower more promising entrepreneurs, the program has developed and improved its special training courses for Chinese entrepreneurs by integrating of Legend Holdings’ well-proven experience and expertise in entrepreneurship, management and investment as well as high-quality resources of various external sources, and constantly broadened its non-profit highly targeted training initiative to practice its original aspiration of serving public benefits.


Systematic Learning: Extensive and Coherent Contents

Centered on a selected series of common key issues from business start-up to development financing, and consisting of basic specialized courses, highly targeted practical ones and inspiring discussions, the specially-designed program covers extensive training contents and address in mulch-dimensional and all-round manner various key topics both founders and entrepreneurs may confront in the whole cycle of their entrepreneurial practice.

Practical Orientation: A Fully-immersed Learning Experience

Besides its practice-oriented highest benchmark and practical experience-based lectures, the program also develops a dynamic collective learning ecology to let trainees delve thoroughly in core issues in business development through independent thinking and brainstorming exercises, make a precise and effective diagnosis of “happenings” and “people”, find out solutions to relevant problems, and exchange experience, share insights and integrate resources during the “Gatherings of Legend Star Union”.

Enabling Platform: A Full-chained Training System

Relying on the platform-Legend Star Union, the program creates a favorable climate of exchange and cooperation with LSU alumni, helping trainees break down barriers to developing beyond industry chains and sectors and fostering an enabling entrepreneurial ecology of mutual support and mutual benefit for LSU alumni and trainees.

Public Service Purpose: A Nonprofit Quality Training Initiative

Being true to its original aspiration of pursuing public welfare and committed to its mission of “Helping Entrepreneurs to Change the World”, the program has, since its inauguration, offered high-quality entrepreneurship training services for free, and over the past 13 years, all its high-quality courses have been available to trainees with no tuition fees.

Customized Courses